Featured Talent: Event Strategist

This event manager candidate for ACG has extensive experience working cross-functionally in marketing and event planning for large and small organizations alike [...] 

Featured Talent: Corporate Event & Tradeshow Manager

This ACG candidate has been in a Corporate Event and Tradeshow role for about 10 years. She was most recently with a manufacturing company with multiple US offices, as well as global locations [...]

Featured Talent: Agency Project Manager

This Project Manager for ACG comes highly recommended from other clients and has an excellent track record. She is well-versed in digital media, prefers fast paced environments, and has worked on demanding holiday campaigns for Bluestem and Target (including 3:00 am QA for holiday ads!) [...]

Featured Talent: Market Research Manager | Writing, Design, Event Management

This Market Research Manager for ACG has managed the corporate events and tradeshow manager for a healthcare company, doing ALL logistics for 40+ tradeshows. She is well-rounded [...]

Featured Talent: Data Analyst, Versatile & Results Driven

This Data Analyst for ACG is an extremely versatile candidate with technology expertise and ability to dive in as needed to drive business results. This candidate has a proven track record of evaluating complex situations, gaining insight through needs assesment, and defining clear action plans [...]



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