At Advent, staffing is our thing. We love to recruit. And screen. We even like to read resumes (yes, some people think we’re a little crazy!).

But mostly, we get the greatest satisfaction from placing talented people in places where they can do fun, rewarding, and engaging work.

We supply gifted people. That’s it.

Well, not quite. We supply very specific people with very specialized skills. And we ONLY supply people who are a good match to your company’s culture.

Whether you’re looking for agency or corporate. Creative or technical. Full-time or project support. We can provide people with the skills, experience and attitude to deliver the results you want.


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Let Advent do the work.

We'd love to help you with your next hire. Contact us by calling 952.746.5668, or complete this short 


Here's What We Offer:

Temporary and Contract Staffing
Take on new work. Meet tight deadlines. And access expertise that’s outside your team’s skills. Advent can provide temporary creative talent when and where you need it.
Don’t take chances with your next hire. With Advent, we do the assessment first to verify technical qualifications AND ensure a great organizational fit. Before you ever have to commit to a hiring decision, we let you “test drive” new creatives to ensure they have the skills to go the distance. 
Direct Hire
We know you don’t love being buried in resumes, so why do it yourself? Our creative recruiting professionals will do all the hard work to shorten your search for top creative talent. Let us make your next hire a whole lot easier.

Here are some of our key focus areas:

Content Strategy
Project & Account Management
Web/Digital Design
Copywriting & Proofreading
Graphic Design
Email Marketing
IT Management
Product Management
Social Media & SEO/SEM
• Public Relations
Creative & Art Direction
And more